Why would you rent a phone?

The concept of phone renting is pretty foreign to most people. In the western world, most everyone has a personal cellphone. I have actually seen preschoolers with their own iPhones. So in an age where cell phones are easy to acquire and can be cheap to use, why would anyone have a need to rent …Read More

What you need to start a business?

Starting any business will require the same setup process, regardless of the type of business. I have a written a few suggestions to help you start off the ground running. Step 1: Write a Business Plan I go over this more in another entry, but essentially you need to figure out what you want to …Read More

How to start a cell phone rental company

Starting a cell phone rental company can be a good enterprise to get into. While it can be both tricky and competitive, I have put together a few tips to get you started with the process. Write a business plan With any new business, you will need a business plan before you can even begin. …Read More